Georgios Tsoutsos




Scientific Status:

PhD student in Turkish Studies (Panteion University, Greece).


- BA in Business Administration (University of Lavern, Athens)
- BA in political science (Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens).

Social Activities:

- UNESCO Secretary of the Prefecture of Argolis (Greece).
- Member of the Association of the Descedants of the Participants in the Greek War for Independece (1821).
- Member of the UNO Hellenic Association.
- Member of the Foundation for Neo-Hellenic Studies.


Research Activities:


Research Interests:


Professional Experience:

- Member of the organizing board and speaker in conferences about history: European Cultural Center of Delphi (1988-1991), Center of European Studies "Ioannes Kapodistrias" (Corfu 1998) and others.

- Speaker in international conferences: Nikaia 1998 (Graeco-French Association of Chania), Cairo 2002 (University of Ain Shams) and others.

- Assistant Editor of the book "Sailing Ships of the Mediterranean and the Arab Gulf" (Athens 2001).

- Entries in the Great Military and Nautical Encyclopaedia.

- Articles in the newspaper "Auriane" (Athens, Greece).


- Contemporary Turkish History
- Graeco-Turkish Relations


- Participation in several research projects such as the "Progress 1997" and the construction of medieval ships miniatures.


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